Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Where is my MAN ?

I keep talking to a dozen men everyday . Politics, science, religion, love, sex, philosophy, sports and what not! everything finds a place in my conversation with most of them...and when a few of the the relation ships are poised at a point , where one of us want a bit more extra from it...but a million dollar question is .. why is it that ... Always only one side wants more than the other??....well..I am not getting into the discussion as to why I sometimes refuse to take the relation ship further. Not that I cant answer but just that this stuff was not meant to talk about that. Simple question is ...why is it that you measure up to a level of a friend and nothing more in the other person's thoughts, when you really believe that the relation ship is worth going further.....
First thing that comes to my mind..."am I not that attractive" ??? ...what with all this dusky complexion..with not many "attention seeking " features?
But going by the social standards...I think I am kind of an average candidate... ;) so If that's not it..then what else???

Is it really really hard to find a perfect person ??? ...the word "perfect" has 101 connotations and when I start describing mine...all that I receive is "huh...that's too much of an expectation...that's impossible....learn to compromise on a few" and some more on those lines which I believe are not worth a mention here for obvious reasons. Well...I really beg to differ...Being perfect is just a perception...who might be an awesome hunk charactererized with super good qualities in my eyes might be an useless ,unworthy material in some one else's. As long as he rules in my heart and emotions...I am just too happy,content and satisfied...That being the case..why do people make a big hue and cry?..unfortunately the word "people" includes my parents too...some people just dont get it right... ;(

What I really don't understand is that "Is love such a rare commodity?" or love clubbed with a lot of other commodities(read qualities) is rare?? But I am not eccentric.... because most of which I want/expect is on similar lines with majority of girls/women.....All that I want is selfless love which is passionate and unconditional..... and more importantly sensible(I think this is where the problem lies) ... After all sensibility comes when there is a strong foundation built with mutual respect for each others thoughts..... (Is it a sin to expect one to respect my thoughts?)

If its that hard...and If that requires me to wait for more time..Let me go on..

I am in no hurry to tie the unsatisfied knot at 25 . Rather will wait until 45 to make the knot more meaningful than being materialistic...

At the end of the day...I want to tell myself..."The WAIT WAS WORTH IT"

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