Monday, December 31, 2007

Startin Trouble!! ...I would like to call it that way!!

One among a lot of things, that I thought Ill never do in life - blogging, but as usual after giving out this completely insignificant statement(atleast to myself) , here I am,doing that thing... :)

Well, I have no clue as to what I want to write, but its jus out of that instinctive feelin that I started writing, Its like this........anytime I sit to write, I become very contemplative that I end up cribbin about something or the other, I am not sure: If I do that due to my pessimistic attitude(well, why shud I call it that, just becoz everyone says so) or is it because I find solace in doing so..I am seriuosly not sure and would be glad, If I find out the answer someday.

So, I thought here in this place , where a lot of people get to see what one writes(thinks!!), I might end up writing something with induced optimism(Intentionally ofcourse!!), ....which eventually will make me(I believe so) accustomed to writing good stuffs... :)...

thats more of polambifiyin ...for the first one... and will crib more later!!