Wednesday, February 17, 2010

World is a WONDER of the UNIVERSE…….

World is a poem of Love

For it is as Poetic as the Tajmahal of Agra

World is a Treasure of Life

For it is as Precious as the Pyramids of Cairo

World is a journey of Infinity

For it is as Magnanimous as the Wall of China

World is a powerhouse of Knowledge

For it is as Scintillating as the Eiffel tower of Paris

World is a mystery of Emotions

For it as Enigmatic as the Hanging Gardens of Babylonia

World is a Illusion of Immortality

For it as Magical as the leaning tower of Pisa

World is a temple of Art

For it is as Aesthetic as the Colosseum of Rome


World is THE SANCTUM of Nobility

For there is nothing as divine as Humanity..