Monday, September 6, 2010

To all those souls searching for the REAL GOD in the barbaric crowd... ;-)

These days, I am getting more annoyed by the peculiar stupidty of the so called "devotees"..... My common sense says...people go to temples for 1.peace 2. Business deals with the I should pass in the forth coming exam ,I should marry the one I biriyani should turn out well.... then I'll do something for u kinds.. 3. Jus the satisfaction of doing it 4. Its more of a habit, irrespective of the objective, I have to go to the temple today because its x day, y day ........................Now, what's so intriguing is... based on my observation of a number of devotees...none of the above stated objectives seems to be fulfilled .... All that I get to see is....women in herds going around gossiping about some x's son's marriage...y's daughter's pregnancy...etc.,...or women flaunting around their recently bought silk sarees or gold ornaments,....all the more worse if it turns out to be a auspicious day..for eg: Vinayagar chathurthi.... you hardly get a foots' space there to stand peacefully and look at the deity.... You only get to see people behaving in the most uncivilized manner in the name of worshipping god....similiar to the one you would witness near a road side water tank, or a ration shop or worse a fish market.....I even got to hear some very unparlimentary words being uttered by a woman who was so decently clad in a silk saree with all that dramatic vibudhee,turmeric smeared on her forehead .., Cant people sit down and think for a while before they indulge in all this ??? Cant they even figure out what they want...whats the objective behind their actions ??? I am really not sure....why wouldn't they visit a perumal or a shiva temple on vinayagar chathurthi... and still pray ? If all of us agree with "god is one" idealogy....then what's lost by praying shiva or anyone else ?? instead why go to a vinayagar kovil and return home with a not so good get stamped...hit....pushed...cursed...and still don't get to look at the deity for 3 peaceful seconds...If all that gives a good feeling to you....then please go ahead and get ready for the assault....if not..then pls head to your pooja room, sit there for a while..pray and get back to business...I am sure the pillayar at your home would talk to the one in the temple on your behalf and get your things done! ;-)