Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Men, Women, Culture, Moms in law and more!

This is about the Generation of girls who were born in late 70's or early 80's....
who were born like any other innocent kids..unaware of the terrible things that were in store for them...

These are the unfortunate lots that are caught between the NextGen of women who wish to be indepedant, decisive, broad minded, rational and the PrevGen who are dependent(and find a pleasure in doing so), indecisive, irrational and so on and so forth.

How do we women make the world realise that there is no written PROTOCOL with a clause , that it is demeaning for a man to cook, clean, wash or serve while his wife is doing nothing. Come on guys, women have been doing it for eons now. She was never ashamed of it at any point in time.

It just requires some common sense to reliase that a woman's body doesn't secrete any exclusive hormone like estrogen that would drive her to the kitchen straight from her mother's womb. Or there is no programming done in her cells that makes her a better person to do all the house hold chores...It just requires some multi tasking skills and most importantly common sense.....Why don't people realize that It's just the conditioning which it a man or woman and why are we so adamant in not admitting it.....

Why should a woman cook: culture
why should a woman clean:culture
Why should a woman wear something around her neck to prove that she actually loves her husband :Culture
Why should a woman wear something on her toes: Culture
Why should a woman wake up early in the morning(Though there is no rocket launching assigment on the agenda): Culture
why should a woman change diapers:culture...
Why should a woman take CUE from every action of her husband, worse her inlaws: culture...
etc., etc, etc., etc.,

Come on people..high time we stop using that useless term called CULTURE, that serves no purpose other than covering up absolutely illogical things like the few mentioned above.
why is the prev gen, current gen, next gen.. of men so reluctant to walk out of the comfort zones to stop exploiting the strongly cultivated gender bias in our society.

A man who completely points to these dirty practices and remains dormant is excusable.
A man who is sensible enough to realize stuff, walk out of the established comfort zone,and finds no shame in cooking while his wife is actually watching television is NOTHING but NORMAL.

But the man who is caught between these two, and is shamelessly proud while saying " I cut a carrot in the kitchen , I packed the lunch, I boiled the water, I washed a spoon, I vaccum cleaned the sofa..I put the dishes in the dish washer..What more can a wife expect ? " are the most dangerous ones.

Boss...Pls realize that you are not doing her any favour and there is no reason for blowing your own trumpet.There is no woman who blows her own trumpet for doing all that on top of managing work, contribute to the family, has the same sick boss that you have in your work place, has the same work pressure, has the same urge to enjoy a weekend, has the same deadlines, has the same requirements of grooming herself ,also has additional requirements of taking care of your parents, siblings..... and does she keep grumbling "what more can a husband expect ?"

She feels or is forced to feel that she is just being normal by doing all these, and that's the same way you are also supposed to feel. Not feel as if you have just finished a rocket launch.

To all those "cultured" people/most importaly men...If we start pointing to the word culture for every other thing you are..None of you can wear your pants...meaning indian men always wore dhoties and that is our culture so to say...

To all those so called literate men, Its time you walk out of your mothers's nest, and welcome the nxt gen of women as she is and start accepting the fact that there is no rule book defined, exclusively for women.

To all those mom in laws/moms who have made your sons the spoilt brats despite all their education...Good Bye! Your value systems have become obsolete long time back.

Amen. No offense meant!