Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KNOTS in tying the knot....

your parents think you are "stupid"
your friends think you are "insane"
your relatives think you are "dumb"

If you say "I want to remain unmarried "

more so if you are girl
What possibly could be the problems if a girl remains unmarried...well ..parents with their so called rich experience in life say..."you wont need anyone now..but at one point in time, you might feel lonely..so you need a person"..agreed! and I ask, "then why dont I marry when I actually start feeling lonley...mmm?" (they think of an answer).."right we agree...but you might not get anyone at that point in time coz you ll get old" ..mmmmmmmm(I am thinking now) "oh...nice...do we get good companions only when we are young..?...so you become less saleable in the marriage market..if you lose your so called age" ( I understand what exactly the word "age" means... ;)) and phat comes the answer...."you might not be able to have children"...huh...what the f**k? ..Is it all about getting married , sleeping with a man/woman...(come on..its so important coz u need to have children).....and then become a mother/father...that way your life would be complete(complete ..how and for whom?)
After all this..you start searching for the so called companion ship....(jobless phase in the life cycle of marriage)....so start hunting for life....

So is this what expected out of a typical marriage in our society?.....I am not very sure...but cant think of a worser system.

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