Thursday, January 20, 2011

Niramagum Vanavil

Niramatra vanavil....a typical oxymoron...All right...

But a title good enough to draw the attention of an avid book reader....and yes that's me..

The moment the title caught my sight amongst a number of others, in a book fair, I wanted to explore it further which I did. The author's name ensured that my purse would fall short some money shortly. I decided to buy the book written by Sujatha.

The synapsis of the book, almost reflected the state of my mind. A confused soul, a depressed mind, hopeless future and much more that can define the negativity of a person.

In the hope of finding some solace, I bought the book. Started reading it. It was not all that great when I started reading simply because the family in the book belonged to a particular community that I dislike for more than one reason.

Yet as a reader, one is supposed to look at the richness of the content and thoughts without any biases. So, I went on to read it. As I flipped a few more pages I all of a sudden realised that I had already started liking the book.The flow was clear, with right dosage of simple but rarely comprehended truths of life sprinkled beautifully alongside the story. It spoke of a man who loses his loved ones in a tragedy at which point the world becomes dark. The struggle he goes through to over come the sudden shock, the instinctive suicidal thoughts that engulfs his life. His failed attempts on killing himself , so on and so forth. At one point, he starts falls for anything and everything hoping to find a solution to his loneliness.

Realisation dawns, he sees a streak of light in the form of a destitue child abanded by her parents. Enudan serndhu vanavillum niramagiradhu!!

The book simply goes on to say "Every soul has a reason to live, come what may"..... and here I happily writing a blog!

The 170 ruppees I spent was worth it!! I flip the last page of the book with a smile of satisifaction! And what a post to start the new year with ? ;-)