Monday, May 4, 2009

Cricket & the Prince....

Its going to be some cricket talk from an amateur, meaning that I don’t have much clue about the nuances of the game except the very commonly used jargons – No ball, wide, six, four, lbw to name a few. I have no issues in admitting that I am certainly not an expert...but Yes, cricket has become a part of living in India and what when you work for a software company, when you get to witness euphoric audience hooked to the TV monitor in the cafeteria whenever there is a cricket just becomes irresistible not to be a part of it...So yes, here I go. Well, I do carry a decent history of watching cricket for the last 13 yrs. oh yes!, The 1996 world cup finals between Sri Lanka and Australia, was the first ever cricket match I had watched...since then, time and again cricket has impressed and irritated me equally. But for some heart goes out to losers (I think that’s more of a psychological problem).When the whole cricketing world lauds the performances of Sachin Tendulkar and his likes...I somehow don’t feel like echoing their thoughts....No brickbats about them…they are the best..!! … But., what if I want to be a little eccentric in calling a man like Sourav Ganguly the best...Ohh… he looks so unique to me in determined, so poised with tons of perseverance happily resting on his man who basked in glory during his times and the only man who was shown the way out in a most insulting manner and will be the only man who made a terrific come back and made his performance speak volumes and yes his critics had to eat humble pie... Now isn't that classy stuff?? It’s like the cliché goes ‘life is full of ups and downs’ Agreed!...but if the downs get really bad and insulting, Doesn’t it require a much focused determination to comeback.....and that too a successful one at that....I love him crazy for matter what anyone says...he would be the best in my eyes. Dada simply rocks!!

And oh yes. It’s MY blog and Prince of kolkatta rules here

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